Sunday, October 15, 2006

Antique Boxes?

These are a couple wooden boxes I had made so I could paint them to look like vintage boxes. They were fun to do. There are base colors, painted under the final color, that show through when sanded. I got the pattern and instructions in an Old Fashion Label book by Connie Williams printed in the early nineties. The recipe box shelf used to be stained wood too but I like it better painted and aged. I don't get to paint much anymore with 2 jobs. I used to teach classes in my basement and get together with some friends once a week to paint. I really do miss it, especially in the winter when there is no outdoor work (except shovelling snow, of course)

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Anonymous said...

Very interesting and very well done!! Especially liked your grandchild's picture and your pic in pigtails!! Cute! Thanks for my very good haircut. See you near Christmas.