Tuesday, September 26, 2006

All changed

I'm ready for fall! Now nature has to do its job. In another week or so the burning bush on the far left will be a gorgeous red all over instead of just on top and all the huge maples on the street will be bright yellow. Some years they are so bright it looks like the sun is shinning even on a dark day. This door is on the side of the house but still faces the street. The bench is sitting on the area where the coffee pot fountain in my banner is in the summer.
My daughter and I made our first trip to the apple farm today. It's early yet so they only had a few kinds. They make the BEST cider! We don't need to make applesauce this year but we will definitely make at least one more trip. I can almost taste an apple pie!

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Deb said...

Jean, I love the color scheme of your house and all your fall decorating ~ just lovely!! Thank you for visiting my blog. Debbie